About AFA AH LOO. —



Afa Ah Loo was born October 24, 1985 in Apia, Samoa. Growing up on an island in the heart of the Polynesian triangle, he became enamored with fashion by watching his late mom and the way she dressed. A love for bold florals and colors was also engrained in him from the beautiful surroundings of Samoa.

When fate would have it that he was forced to take a sewing class as a sophomore in high school, he was taught the beginnings of sewing by learning how to sew a hand mitten. This sparked his interest in learning how to create fashion even more, and he decided to teach himself how to further his newfound skills by making clothes for his baby sister.

Always encouraged by his mom to start his fashion designing career, Afa was hesitant and concerned that he could not sustain himself financially with this. After his mom’s death in 2014, he decided to take her advice to just go for it and pursue his passion.